Video is a great way marketing tool for businesses, performers or to showcase events. It's also an excellent advertising tool on Facebook as videos can reach huge numbers of people with a small ads budget. Videos regularly get more engagement and attention than other types of content and they are a powerful way to really connect with your audience. See examples of my work with clients below.

I've created videos for businesses, artists, charities, and others who want to promote their product, service, or event, including clients such as Falkirk Community TrustVisit Falkirk, Falkirk Delivers, Scottish Gymnastics, Behind the Wall, Wolanski's Pole & Aerial Fitness, MacDonald Hotels, and Stirling Highland Games.

Visit Falkirk

The following is a video produced for Visit Falkirk and was funded by Visit Scotland showcasing attractions in and around Falkirk. This is the first of four commissioned films I'm creating over 2017 and 2018. I'm also providing social media advertising services for this project which includes Twitter, Instagram and Facebook advertising targeting the North of England. 


Below is a commissioned film of 'Fire and Light', a New Year event at the Helix Park in Falkirk. This is one of several commissions from the Trust.

Miriam Wolanski / Wolanski's Pole & Aerial Fitness

Filmed at MacRobert Arts Centre at Stirling University, this video showcases the aerial skills of Miriam Wolanski, owner of Wolanski's Pole & Aerial Fitness.

PHOENIX HEalth & Fitness

Phoenix is a local gym with a great community of members interested in martial arts and crossfit. This video, filmed over a few sessions, showcases some of the classes and equipment. 


'Night of the Living Denny' is an annual event at Denny High School that takes place around Halloween. Pupils and teachers terrify members of the public who take part in a zombie run through the school after hours. They had struggling to capture the event in the past due to the low light conditions needed to provide atmosphere to the event and commissioned me to document the 2016 event and provide a cinematic, horror movie style video.


I've filmed various events for Scottish Gymnastics around Scotland. Having a background in photographing aerial performers helped in capturing highlights from these events, with films being used on social media for marketing purposes. 


I've worked with Behind the Wall on several occasions covering various events providing video and photography services.

Falkirk Delivers

Below is a video from a series I created in collaboration with various independent businesses showcasing skills in local businesses such as cooking, pottery, jewellery making, and tattooing. The series was funded by Falkirk Delivers, the local Business Improvement District.